The Rig

Quobba Blow Holes, West Australia, 2020.

2012 Mitsubishi Pajero Glx NW

Now…I’m well aware that a Pajero isn’t usually someone’s first choice when it comes to choosing a car for touring, It’s usually a Landcruiser. However, I am absolutely in love with my Pajero and what improvements I’ve been able to do to it. Not to forget to mention the 4WD capabilities. Before my Pajero was MY Pajero, it was my dads. Even before I started my own adventures, I had been on many adventures in that Pajero with my family. I’ve seen how easily it can get out of hard 4WD conditions, how reliable it was, fuel efficient, how it drives like a car and not a truck, and so much more. This is what spiked my interest in getting one for myself. I searched for one for a while, but majority of them were way over budget. Then, my dad decided to sell me his (which I’m pretty sure he regrets), and that’s how I got my Pajero. Thanks dad!

I’ve put in a lot of time and money into my car, do I regret it? Absolutely not. Lets be honest, there is a lot more I’m going to do to improve it too. Now, lets get into the details!

I was lucky enough when I brought my car it came equipped with a SmartBar bull bar, HID spotlights, LED lightbar, OCAM roof rack, OCAM extendable towing mirrors, 2 inch lift kit; Bilstein B6 shocks and Kings springs (100kg in the front and 300kg in the back), IDRIVE throttle controller, Provent Catch can, 3 inch turbo back exhaust; with 200 Cell cat and a full service. Not a bad deal, and again…thanks dad! I’m sure you’re wondering what I’ve done, so lets get on with it. I’ve put on 5 new BFGoodrich all terrain 10 ply tyres, and fitted a duel battery system; Redarc DC-DC 12volt battery charger with a Kings 160W fixed solar panel. This gives me more then enough power to live off grid, however another battery and invertor might come into play in the future.

I’ve fitted a Kings Grand Tourer MKI aluminium roof top tent, one of the most spacious roof top tents I tested (even though the MKI does need a few modifications, these were fixed on the MKII). My roof top tent is equipped with lights, a double memory foam mattress and I whip out my Evapolar air con when needed.

On the passenger side, I have a DarchΓ© Eclipse 270 degree awning, fitted with Hard Korr orange LED lights, along with wall 1&2 for extra privacy. I did a fair bit of research on awnings. I knew I wanted a 270 degree awning, but a lot of them looked like they would break in a light breeze. This one had strong aluminium swivel hinges and could withstand a grown adult hanging on it, that sold me for strength. It gives heaps of shade and is easy to put up, only taking about 5mins. I will like to note that it can be a bit of a b*tch to roll up and put back in its transit bag, but practice is key!

On the drivers side, I have made my own shower. Its fairly simple to make and this was a much cheaper alternative to buying a new one. Its made from PVC pipe, PVC pipe fittings, black spray paint, hose and accessories, Whale 12 Volt in line pump, garden tap and a hose nozzle. Took about half a day to make and cost about $130AUD. Does it work? I’m pretty sure it works just as well as the other showers on the market. When its hot, it gets hot and when its cold I chuck a kettle of boiling water in it to make it warm. When you’re on the road living out of your car, that’s luxury.

In the back I have made my own flooring out of thick plywood, so I could access my ‘third seat storage’. The plan with this space is to eventually put in a water tank and a fitted air compressor. Both will be accessible to use via hose attachments underneath the car. For now I have a cargo barrier cage, 2 XTM 4wD drawers, a 55L Domenic fridge, self made power board and my Kookabox kitchen. Now, for all my 4WD car camper owners out there that can’t fit any of these new slide out kitchen drawers, I’d like to introduce you to the Kookabox. I found this beauty when searching for camp kitchens, they are an Australian business and I think have a great design for camp kitchens (they are portable too). They come will all the pans, plates, cutlery that you will need all nicely stored in the box. It comes with a spot to put your stove (1 burner), an ice box; I use this to store other utensils, a condiment drawer and a 5L water tank with electric pump. This isn’t sponsored I just generally think it’s a great idea and more people should know about it.

The pretty much concludes what I have done to my rig so far! I’ve got a few things I’d like to improve and include, which gives me something to look forward too. If your in the market for a 4WD I’d definitely look into a Pajero, mine has never failed me and as you can see above, you can do a fair bit to make it into a functional camper!

Oh by the way, my Pajero is named Patty, Patricia when she’s being fussy.