World Expeditions – Nepal Trekking Review 

I spent 6 weeks trekking through Nepal, through the Annapurna and Everest Region. I choose to trek through the Everest region with World Expeditions. It’s safe to say I have a amazing time and loved every part of my trip. 

This blog post is going to give a review about my experience with World Expeditions and a little insight on what to expect if you choose to trek with them. 

World Expeditions a review

Who are World Expeditions? 

World Expeditions is an Australian company that has been around since 1975, when they originally launched under their former name, Australian Himalayan Expeditions. They originally started trekking holidays in Nepal, before expanding to multiple other countries. 

Over the next few years, they developed into a reputable company, with a foundation and charity challenges. World Expeditions is now a well-known trekking and adventure company all around the world. 

Why did I choose this company? 

I have only heard good reviews about World Expeditions, and they were high on my list for a trekking expedition – Nepal seemed like the perfect fit. What I really liked about this company is they have a Porter Welfare policy, which means their porters are paid and looked after. This means they aren’t loaded up with too much weight as well, this was very important to me. Especially as porters play such a big part in any trekking trip. 

They also offered plenty of trekking itineraries from super active to more relaxed. There was something for everyone. What I really liked was the option to stay in tents along the Everest Circuit, I love camping and thought this would be a great experience (more about the tents later). 

A bonus of choosing this company is that they offer you a trekking pack which includes a duffle bag, thermal liner, sleeping bag and puffer jacket. You can also keep the duffle bag!

How much did it cost? 

The trip cost a total of $4460 AUD. This included majority of my meals, transportation, flights to Lukla, 3 nights in a hotel and guides/porters. This was a fair price for a 17-day trek and 21-day tour.  

What were the guides like?

The guides were fantastic! Our man guide Padam was full of knowledge and cared about each team member. He stayed back when people needed to go at a slower pace and gave us the ‘scenic route’. They had a lot of knowledge about altitude sickness and ways to prevent it. 

When a team member fell ill, whether that be a cold or from the altitude, they were there to make sure we were okay. I fell very ill towards the end of the trip due to an appendicitis scare. The guides carried me to the hospital and back on their backs – that was insane service to me. They also organised my helicopter out and everything I needed, plus checked on me once I got back to Kathmandu. 

In short, they were excellent, helped people when needed, had heaps of knowledge about the scenery and were very friendly! 

What was the Accommodation like? 

The accommodation at the start of the trip was luxury to me. We stayed at the Raddison Hotel before and after the trek, which was very luxe.

During the trek we had a mixture of tents and teahouses. The tents were massive, with two stretcher beds and comfortable mattresses (and pillows). There wasn’t much room in the tent for two people to jump and dance around, but it was enough for sleeping and relaxing. They were also very warm, which was nice on the colder nights. As World Expeditions gets to have their tents set up permanently, you get your own teahouses as well. This meant private dining rooms for you and your group. 

The teahouses were, well teahouses. Some were really nice, and some were questionable. This isn’t World Expeditions fault; however, you just need to accept what you are given in the smaller higher towns. 

What was the food like? 

The food was nothing less than brilliant. There were multiple varieties each lunch and dinner, we did stick to the same breakfast though. The food was also always cooked and prepared carefully to help limit the chances of getting sick. They also do cater to any dietary needs. 

They tried to change up the meals every day, so we ate something different. We were also given clean drinking water every breakfast, lunch and dinner.

An idea of what we ate: 

Breakfast: Omelette, toast and porridge 
Lunch: Rice, stir fry, chips, pastas, vegetables 
4pm: Tea, hot chocolate, biscuits 
Dinner: Pizza, pasta, sandwiches, rice, Momo, daal baht etc 

How was my overall experience? 

Absolutely exceptional! I am extremely happy I chose to go with World Expeditions with this trek, as I don’t think I could have got any better of an experience. They looked after me so well when I was sick, they feed us extremely well and the whole trek ran really smoothly. 

They even called me after I was evacuated to make sure I was okay and were meant to check up on my every day (if there wasn’t some drama with the hospital) – they were excellent at making sure my health was back to 100%. 

Would I recommend them? 

100% I would recommend them, I am already looking at booking multiple treks in the future with them, as everything was wonderful! If you are looking for a company you can trust, that will look after you if you injure yourself and generally cares, World Expeditions is for you. 

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