10 Restaurants to visit in Bali

With Bali becoming extremely popular with travellers all around the world, it’s expected that there would be many incredible restaurants to choose from. Bali has changed a lot since the last time I visited in 2014, and the food scene was something I noticed the most.  

I spent two weeks in Bali travelled around with friends, which meant a lot of eating out and dining experiences. As a group, we went to many different restaurant’s offering different cuisines, throughout our travels in Canggu, Ubud and Nusa Lembongan.  

I have made a list of 10 restaurant’s I recommend you visit when in Bali. This, of course is not even touching the surface of the amount of restaurant’s that you can visit in Bali now, but I can guarantee you will have a delicious meal at each one.  

Bali belly is quite common in Bali, and these restaurants were all safe, causing no issues to myself and the group. I am not a food blogger, so I do apologise for the picture quality. 

Yukis – Canggu or Uluwatu

10 Bali Restaurants to visit

If you have ever wanted to visit Nobu but on a budget, you must visit here. Yukis was one of the best Japanese meals I have had and one of the nicest Bali restaurants. The service and atmosphere of this place is also incredible.There are multiple dishes to choose from, and they are all reasonably priced. 

I highly recommend booking a table as it does get very busy and popular. I also recommend trying the popcorn chicken, Kushiyaki, Teriyaki Pumpkin and Wagyu beef maki roll. A common worry in Bali is eating raw fish, a few of my friends ate that here and had no issues.  

I spent $50 Australian dollars here and got 1 maki roll, 1 entrée and 2 cocktails. 

Lolas Cantina- Canggu

Lola Cantina is very popular in Bali and is one of the funnest restaurants. Incredibly tasty and affordable Mexican food. The serving sizes here are huge and the flavours are mouth-watering. You have a massive choice from burritos, nachos, birria tacos (highly recommend), tacos and much more. They also have a tasty range of cocktails, with a great happy hour deal.  The Pink Butterfly and kiwi jalapeno margarita are to die for.  

I spent $40 Australian dollars here and got 1 main and 4 cocktails (it was a party night). 

Bali Eco Deli – Nusa Lembongan

This was a place we happened to stumble across in Nusa Lembongan, offering a great range of breakfast to dinner treats. They as cater to multiple dietary requirements, this was nice to see becoming the norm in Bali restaurants. We ended up going here for breakfast and lunch multiples times over our trip.  

The serving sizes are very generous, and the food is tasty. The pancakes were a fan favourite amongst my group. As well as the Thai green curry and Phanaeng red curry – keep in mind these were very spicy! Some of the spiciest curry I’ve ever had, so if you don’t like spice, I don’t recommend these dishes.

I spent an average of $15 Australian dollars here, for 1 meal and a drink. 

Ohanas – Nusa Lembongan

Ohanas is a beach club located on Nusa lembongan, and it would be a beautiful place to spend the day. We only went here for dinner one night, which is an option if you just want a nice place to dine while on the island. The whole set up is beautiful, overlooking the ocean and made for a beautiful place to watch the sunset. 

Ohanas offers a great range of western and Indonesian dishes. I highly recommend the traditional Indonesian Beef Rendang. The cocktail range here too is very extensive.  

I spent around $40 Australian dollars here for a main meal and 2 cocktails. 

Nicks Place – Nusa Lembongan 

10 Bali Restaurants to visit

My absolute favourite out of all the Bali restaurants I visited. The best ribs I have ever had, do yourself a favour and make sure you come here! Nicks place has a speciality in pork ribs and crispy duck. They live up to this, the ribs were tender and melted in your mouth. I didn’t order these (cause I’m an idiot) and got the Cajun Chicken sandwich, which was also delicious. I did steal some ribs off other members of my group, who couldn’t finish. 

The serving sizes are very generous, and the food is all incredibly tasty. Nicks place also offers a transport service from your hotel in Nusa Lembongan and back if you book in advance.  

I spent $10 Australian dollars here on my burger and a drink.

Merlins – Ubud 

If you have any social media, you would have heard of Merlins and the experience it offers. This place has incredible food and cocktails, but it is mainly known for the experience. You will need to book in advance as it is extremely popular.  

Here, you can order directly off the menu, or you can have your meal chosen for you by tarot cards. You pick out 3 cards, entrée, main and dessert. Don’t worry if you don’t like the dishes the cards chose for you, you can choose again. I ended up with mushroom soup, lucky chicken, and a traditional dessert. All made my taste buds incredibly happy. You can also have a cocktail made for you, based on your ‘vibe’. 

This was one of the more expensive places we ate at, but this is expected as it isn’t just about the food, but about the experience. I paid $70 Australian dollars for my 3-course meal and cocktail here. 

Donna – Ubud 

Donna is a tapas style restaurant, located in Ubud. The food, atmosphere and service are all incredible. We didn’t book this place in advance, but managed to get a spot at the bar which is along the street. If you want a proper table, I recommend booking in advance.  

Dishes I can recommend are the Croquetas de Brazil, Buffalo Cauliflower, Gambas Ajillo and Vietnamese chicken wings. I also highly recommend the Lotus Cheesecake for dessert, I’m not much of a sweet tooth but this hit the spot.  

I shared a few tapas with a friend and ended up spending $20 Australian dollars for 3 tapas (shared) 1 drink and a dessert. 

Potato Head Beach club  Seminyak

10 Bali Restaurants to visit

This was a quick lunch spot for myself and a friend, and I would 100% go back again. Potato Head is a beach club, but you can sit here for a meal and a drink as well. The area is right next to the beach and offers a pool, if you wish to swim.  

The food was very good, not the best on this list but still worth adding. It was a very relaxing atmosphere, so I think that added to my enjoyment of this place. My friend and I got a few dishes to share including the sweet corn ribs, fries, and crispy chicken wings. The dip that came with the chicken wings was out of this world. I also treated myself to a cocktail cause when in Bali!  

I spent about $25 Australian dollars here for 3 snack meals (shared) and 1 cocktail. 

La Baracca – Canggu

La Baracca is an Italian restaurant in Canggu. I loved the outdoor seating, overlooking the rice fields. In fact, the whole atmosphere felt very romantic, it would be a great place for a date night. The service was excellent too, the owner even gave my group limoncello shots at the end of our meal on the house. 

The serving sizes are massive here, most of the members of my group could barely finish their pasta dishes. It’s very good value for money. I ordered the Gnocchi four cheese, which was very good – but very rich.  

I spent $30 Australian dollars here for 1 main dish and 2 cocktails. 

Ulu Cliffhouse – Uluwatu 

10 Bali Restaurants to visit

This is a popular beach club located in Uluwatu, Bali. However, my group just stopped here for a swim and some lunch. You will need to have a minimum spend of 500.000IDR to use one of the day beds (not sure if this is just the deal we got).  The food was not the best meal I had, but it hit the spot.

I ordered the classic chicken burger; the chicken was well spiced, but it was lacking a bit of sauce. The chips were seasoned well too. I would happily spend a day here relaxing, and the food was good for a beach club. 

I spent $25 Australian dollars here. 

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