Naivasha Tiny Home, TAS – Review

I was invited to stay at this beautiful tiny home on my Tasmanian roadtrip, and this is by far the most incredible place I have stay at to date! I spent two nights in the Naivasha tiny home, relaxing in the incredible hot hut and enjoying the sounds of nature. 

The Naivasha tiny home is just one of the properties from the same hosts, they also have the Naivasha cottage. This is at the same location but is a bigger than the tiny home. If you have a choice, I highly recommend the tiny home! 

Even though I was invited to stay here, this is my full and honest review of the accommodation, price, location and more. 

Naivashia tiny home - Tasmania

Where is it?

The Naivasha tiny home is in Reedy Marsh, Tasmania. It is set on secluded bush land only a 10min drive from Deloraine, which is the closet town. The location is the perfect spot, not too far from shops and cafes, but far enough that it gives you a sense of seclusion. That it is just yourself and nature. 

You can access this beautiful tiny home with any vehicle type, the roads are gravel leading to the property, but they are well maintained and easy to drive on. 

As this tiny home is located a bit out of town, you won’t have much phone service. The accommodation does however have wifi.

How much does it cost? 

This tiny home is on the higher side, but it’s well worth the money even just for one night. The Naivasha Tiny home costs $375 AUD per night, whereas the Naivasha Cottage is $300 AUD per night. 

As the Naivasha tiny home can fit two people, the price would then come to $187.50 AUD each. The Naivasha Cottage can fit a total of 6 people, which would be a great option for families or travelling couples. 

First Impressions 

I have heard about this tiny home from other travel bloggers and via the Urban List (this tiny home was voted top 10 best Airbnb’s in Tasmania). When I was asked to stay, of course my answer was going to be yes, 100x yes! 

The check in process was very easy, the lovely host Linda gave me instructions on how to find the home and where to find the key. She even offered to have the outdoor hot tub all ready to go on my arrival. Which is a thoughtful gesture I love seeing from accommodation hosts! 

When I first pulled up to the Naivasha tiny home, I fell instantly in love. The design, colour scheme, location – it was all things that spoke to my heart. When I opened the door, Linda had soft music playing, which not only added to the experience but made me feel like I was home. As a long-term traveller, that is not something I usually get from staying in accommodation. 

The Space

The tiny home is surrounded by bushland. The front area is huge, with a bench directly out the front of the home, a fire pit, BBQ, seating area and the incredible wood fire hot tub. The hot tub is easily my favourite aspect of this home. Sitting out here during dusk is a one-of-a-kind experience. I spent at least 2 hours here, having a glass of wine and watching the animals come out at dusk. 

I saw kangaroos, echidnas, wombats, and heaps of bird life. Some guests have even seen Tasmanian devils from the tub! The hot tub is also the perfect place to watch the sunset or even star gaze at night. 

The Living Area

The first space you see when you walk into the tiny home is the living room. You will be greeted with a massive window, fireplace and corner seating area. This is the perfect place to sit and enjoy your morning coffee. The big window is a fantastic design feature, as it allows you to watch nature pass you buy in the comforts of the tiny home. 

The lounge is very comfortable, with storage underneath which has some picnic rugs and blankets amongst other things. The cabinet on the left side of the door has a TV hidden away, which is another great design feature! It makes the space feel clean and cosy. There is Netflix already set up on the TV, so it’s a cosy place to watch your favourite movie or TV show. 

The details behind the fireplace are another aspect I loved. In saying that the whole space has design features I loved. The colour scheme is the perfect mix of warm, bright and cosy colours. 

The Kitchen 

The kitchen is quite big for a tiny home. Here you have a 2-burner gas stove, farmhouse style sink, fridge and microwave. There is also plenty of counter space. The accommodation also comes with tea, coffee, hot chocolate and marshmallows. They have a Chemex for coffee, which is something I have never used before. If you love coffee, this will easily be the best coffee you’ve ever had! 

All of your pots, pans, plates and cutlery are also included. There is also a massive window which overlooks the front of the tiny home, letting in plenty of natural light. 

There is a small space opposite the kitchen which has a desk and some chairs. This was an excellent place for me to do some work during my time. You can also treat yourself to a glass of port during your stay (its delicious).

The Bathroom 

If you thought having one hot tub was amazing, this place has two baths! The bathroom is bright and extremely functional. The claw foot bathtub located near the window, is another perfect place to relax in the evening – with a sneaky glass of port. The bathtub is massive too, and I feel you would have no problem fitting two people in there. 

The Bedroom

The bedroom is located in the loft, you won’t be able to stand up in this area – but that really isn’t an issue as this space is just designed for sleeping. The first thing you will notice in this bedroom is the sky light. Which makes it perfect for star gazing from the comfort of the bed. The bed is very comfortable and spacious. There are power points in this area too, which Is amazing. You would be shocked how many tiny homes with lofts, don’t have power points in the bedroom. 

I had some of my best sleeps in this bedroom and was naturally awoken by the sun through the sky light. I liked this feature as waking up naturally on holidays is always good for the body clock. 

The Verdict

It’s quite obvious that I loved this place. Everything made me feel special and welcomed to stay here. Linda is an incredible host who I can tell cares about her guests and wants to make sure they have the best stay possible. 

Every design feature of the Naivasha Tiny home is perfect. It makes you feel cosy and at home. I could easily spend weeks here or even live in this tiny home. 

If you are looking for an outstanding place to stay, I couldn’t recommend this place enough. Although it is on the higher price range, it is well worth every dollar. Thank you again Linda for the incredible stay, I do hope to come back in the future! 

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