Hiking Mount Amos – What to Expect

Mount Amos is part of the granite mountains, known as the Hazards in Coles Bay and the Freycinet National Park. The hike itself is very strenuous, steep and requires some level of skill. At the end of the hike, walkers will be rewarded with Panoramic views over Wineglass Bay.  

I do not recommend you take your children, attempt if you have a low level of fitness or are scared of heights. This hike is one of the dodgiest hikes I have completed. Mainly because it requires a lot of climbing up slippery granite rocks with steep falls. The views at the end are worth the hike, but it is still a questionable hike. 

Mount Amos - Tasmania

How long is it? 

The hike itself is only a 3.6km return hike. However, you do need to give yourself several hours to complete it. I believe the distance is what throws people off. In hindsight it is a short hike, but does require a lot of rock scrambling. 

When to go? 

I only recommend completing this hike in spring or summer, because it will be way to slippery in winter. Do not attempt this hike if there has been rain in the area prior or on the day you plan on hiking. You will not get any grip on your shoes, and it will be extremely dangerous. 

The hike is popular and the trail does get busy, which can cause build up in some areas. I recommend leaving early in the morning to try and avoid crowds. Mount Amos would be spectacular at sunrise or sunset, but I don’t recommend attempting this unless you are familiar with the trail or an experienced hiker. 

Before you go

You will need to purchase a valid park pass to enter Freycinet National Park. I also recommend camping in the National park if you are travelling around in a campervan. 

Trail Tips 

  • The trail is marked, but some of the trail markers are hard to see – keep an eye out 
  • Instead of walking directly up the granite rocks, follow around the tree line. This gives you something to hold onto and more support. 
  • Leave the hiking poles at home, they will just get in the way. 
  • Wear shoes with good grip. I ended up doing the rock sections barefoot as I had more grip that way. 
  • Take lunch with you or snacks, to enjoy at the end. 
  • Don’t attempt this hike if you have bad knees/hips.

What the Expect

The trail starts at the main car park for Wineglass Bay, follow the signs for Mount Amos and you will see the trail lead off to the left. The first 20mins of the hike is fairly easy, walking through some bushland with a few steep step ups. Once you reach the big boulder, it is all rock scrambling from here. 

The first section of the rock scramble is not too difficult. I was able to easily make my way up here, as there are plenty of places to put your feet and hands. Coming up is a massive boulder, which in my opinion is the hardest part of the hike. There is very little places to put your hands and feet, and you may require help from another hiker. You will most likely have to climb up this section. 

The trail contains with multiple rock scrambles and climbs, crossing through some vegetation and mini waterfalls (if it’s been raining). There is one last section which is about 45mins from the summit which does require a bit of navigation. Here you have two options, follow the path directly up the rock face, following the markers. OR there is a small path made by other hikers to your right, which leads through the tree line (You will get scratches). 

After a few more steep rock scrambles, you will make it to the top and be rewarded with breathtaking views. Spend a bit of time up here exploring, or eating lunch hand admiring the views. 

You will descend the same way you came up. Take your time, as getting down some of these sections is a bit dodgy. I went ‘ass to grass’ in most of these sections, which was defiantly the easier way to get down. 

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  • sleepygirlandadog

    17th March 2023 at 1:53 am

    Great article! The views at the top of Mount Amos sound absolutely stunning, but it’s important to know the trail can be very strenuous and require a certain level of skill. Your tips on when to go and what to expect are very helpful for those planning to hike Mount Amos. Thank you for sharing your experience!

    1. beckkyhamilton

      18th March 2023 at 11:27 pm

      I definitely agree with you! The hike is not for the unexperienced and it is very strenuous. Glad you enjoyed the article and the tips!

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