10 things to do on the Tasman Peninsula

The Tasman Peninsula (Turrakana) is located in south-east Tasmania, approximately 75km south-east of Hobart. Known for its historic sites and dramatic natural scenery, the Tasman Peninsula is somewhere I highly recommend you visit on your Tasmania travels. 

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How to get there?


I highly recommend travelling through Tasmania via a car, as it makes getting around to attractions a lot easier and gives you much more freedom. I hired a campervan from Spaceship Rentals for my time in Tasmania, which allowed me to camp in national parks and closer to attractions. 


There are plenty of tours which run from Hobart and visit the Tasman Peninsula. This is a great option if you won’t have access to a vehicle or are short on time. 

1. Hike Cape Hauy

This is an iconic 8km return hiking trail, located in the Tasman National Park. It is the most popular cape hike in this area as it is the most accessible. Start at Fortescue Bay boat ramp, and follow the trail to your right. This track will lead you through Australian bushland with impressive views over the surrounding coastline. This track is rated difficult, due to the 800 steps which you will need to ascend/descend. At the end of the track, you will be reviewed with marvellous views over the coastline and the pillar formations of Cape Hauy. 

To read more about the Cape Hauy track, click here.

2. Tessellated Pavement 

This is a little tourist spot located about 1 hr from Hobart. This natural wonder is named for its tiled-like appearance of the rocks. The view of the rocks is only a short walk from the carpark, so it’s worth stopping and having a look. 

Image Credit to Tasmania.com

3. Tasman Island Boat Cruise

If you want to impressive views of the coastline, but don’t want to complete any of the hiking – a boat cruise is for you! This 3-hour boat cruise operates from Hobart, taking you to Port Arthur and an information cruise along the coastline. The tour includes lunch, 3 hrs to explore Port Arthur and transportation. 

4. Hike Cape Raoul

Another popular day hike on the Tasman Peninsula. The Cape Raoul hike is 14km return and will take about 5hrs to complete. The hike starts at the car park (which can easily be found on google maps), keep In mind you will need to drive on unsealed roads to access this hike. The walk starts off walking through Australian bushland and forest, before opening up to the cliffs edge. You will then be rewarded with jaw dropping views of the cliffs and coastal scenery leading out to the cape (on a clear day). 

Unfortunately, when I walked this hike there was little visibility, so I wasn’t treated to the views promised on this hike. However, from what I could see, I know this hike would be incredible is the visibility was there. 

5. Hike the Three Capes Track

If you have 3-4 days to spare on your Tasmania itinerary, I highly recommend looking into this 48km hike. This is known as one of the best multi day hikes in Tasmania, for its breathtaking views of the coastline and 3 capes. This hike travels from Port Arthur to Fortescue Bay, accessing Cape Pillar, Cape Hauy, as well as many other viewpoints.

You will need to book cabins in order to complete this hike, and have some organisation. Only 48 people can start this hike each day, more information can be found at the three capes track website. You are looking at about $500 AUD to book this hike, which includes your entry fee to the Tasman National Park.

6. Port Arthur Lavender Farm 

The Port Arthur lavender farm Is a picturesque place to stop and have a stroll through the lavender fields. Here you can have a meal, or indulge in some lavender ice cream, cakes or slices. There is also a shop available, where you can buy lavender skin and body products. Entry here is free.

Lavender field

7. The Blowhole, Tasman arch and Devils Kitchen 

These three unique geological locations can be visited on the same day. The blowhole is one of the Tasman Peninsulas famous attractions. It began as a small cave, after millions of years of water and wind erosion, it has become the unique formation you see today. When the swells are high, the Blowhole sprays clouds of sea water at formidable heights. 

The Tasman Arch is a towering, cavern-like natural bridge. Devils Kitchen is a rugged 60m deep cleft, named for its foaming fury from the swells of the Great Southern Ocean. 

8. Port Arthur Historical site

Located 90 minutes’ drive from Hobart is Australia’s most intact and evocative convict site. This historic site has more than 30 buildings and runs over 100 acres, so it is recommended to give yourself 3-4hrs to explore the area. 

An entry ticket costs $47 AUD, which includes two consecutive days, a self-guided audio tour, complimentary site talks by experts, harbour cruise and access to the Port Arthur Gallery. 

9. Tasmanian Devil Unzoo 

This innovative concept is the reversal of the traditional zoo concept. Instead of animals being in enclosures for the benefit of humans, a Unzoo invites guest into the natural habitat, where resident animals are allowed to roam freely. You can come face to face with Tasmanian devils, hand feed kangaroos and see many other Australian species. 

 A ticket here will cost $44 AUD per adult and $24 AUD per child. Or you can join this tour, which includes entry into the Unzoo, a Tassie feeding and entry into the Port Arthur Historic site for $155 AUD. 

Kangaroo, Australian animal image

10. Visit Remarkable Cave 

The remarkable cave is located at the tip of a small coastal bight, a 1.5hr drive from Hobart. It is a popular geological feature, which has been carved out of the sandstone cliff face by sea erosion, causing a rock bridge. It is a short walk from the car park, with over 100 steps down to a viewing platform. Just be aware of tides and swells when visiting here. 


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