10 Most Instagrammable spots in South Australia

South Australia has to be one of the most underrated states in Australia! It is full of some truely beautiful scenery, unique places, rock formations, mountains and beaches. I will be honest, I never had much interest in visiting South Australia, but when I did….I was blown away.

Here are some of the places which took my breath away and which I found to be the most photogenic!

Vivonne Bay and Rock pool, Kangaroo Island

Pristine blue waters, a beautiful jetty and my favourite rock pool. Vivonne bay is somewhere you must stop while travelling through South Australia. Actually, Kangaroo Island as a whole is somewhere I highly recommend you travel too.

There are plenty of instagram worthy angles and shots at Vivonne Bay – especially at the rock pool. Spend a bit of time exploring both the bay and the rock pool. The water may be cold depending on what time of year you visit, but it is too hard to resist not having a dip in those crystal clear waters!

To find out more about Kangaroo Island and its incredible spots – you can read my blog here.

The Swimming Hole, Whalers Way

One of the most aesthetic rock pools in South Australia. The Swimming Hole is located in Whalers Way, which is a small privately owned piece of land, which incredible coastline. You will need to pay $40 AUD to enter Whalers Way, it is also important to note that the road is extremely corrugated.

To get to the rock pool you will need to climb down a dodgy stair way, which leads you down a steep cliff. You will then need to walk to your right, where you will see this beautiful rock pool. I do recommend checking the tide/swell before heading down, as the coast can get quite rough.

Port Willunga Beach and Caves

My favourite beach and if I dare say, the best beach in South Australia. The water at this beach is calm and crystal clear. It is a great place to bring to family or to relax for a day. I was only planning on spending a few hours here, but ended up spending the whole day it was that beautiful.

The best part about this beach is the beach caves. These beach caves are believed to of been carved by fisherman to store their boats. However, now they offer a unique spot to relax and hide from the sun. There are plenty of photography opportunities here, from drone shots to portrait shots.

Sellicks Beach and Cliffs

Undoubtedly, you have seen this place all over your Instagram feed – and for good reason. This beach and cliffs are such a unique landscape, it’s hard not to take photos. I highly recommend you spend some time exploring the top of the cliffs before making your way down to the beach. The top of the cliffs do have steep drop offs, so please follow the signage and go into the cliffs at your own risk. This is the perfect place to get some great drone shots.

After you’ve explored the top, head down to the beach. You can either drive onto the beach or walk. I saw plenty of 2WD on the beach, as the sand is fairly compact. Althought, I would check before heading down with a 2WD. Walk underneath the cliffs and along the coastline, and make sure you enjoy a dip in the crystal clear waters!

Second Valley

Second Valley is located on the Fleurieu Peninsula, which is one of the most scenic peninsulas in South Australia if you ask me. This area has so much to offer, from unique cliffs, rock pools, beaches to caves. I recommend you spend a bit of time here exploring all the different ares and vantage points.

Make sure you visit the cove beach (where people cliff jump), the caves and hike on top of the cliffs. I have taken some of my favourite photos on top of these cliffs, which you will see below. You can either take a long hike to the top or a shorter one, s there are heaps of scenic lookouts.

Ikara- Flinders Ranges

The Ikara- Flinders Ranges are spectacular, and I can guarantee you will be stopping multiple times to whip out the camera. There are heaps of adventurous hikes, with fantastic views. Plenty of viewpoints and scenic lookouts, each offering a different perspective of the landscape. Plus you can also go on a scenic flight to capture some incredible shots from above.

If you want to find out more about the Ikara-Flinders Ranges, you can read my blog here.

Lake Bumbunga

Lake Bumbunga is just one of the many pink lakes to discover in South Australia. The reason why this one is on the list and not the others, is because it is the one which is the pinkest and most reliable for photos, though-out the year. 

I visited when part of it was dry and it was still beautiful. What I loved about this lake compared to the others is the artwork installation, which can be found in the middle of the lake. You can also walk onto the lake, which is a great opportunity to capture shots where it looks like you are walking in some sort of cotton candy dream. 

I have to give a special mention to Lake MacDonnell, which is another beautiful pink lake. This lake has a road running down the middle, which at certain times of the year gives a contrast of pink one side, and blue the other. This didn’t make the list because it unfortunately isn’t pink all year round! 

Pondalowie Road Lookout

Did you really go to South Australia if you didn’t get a photo here? It almost seems that way, as almost every content creator I know has captured a shot at this lookout! 

This lookout is located in the Dhilba Guuranda – Innes National Park and can get very popular. I recommend visiting here during the day and for sunset, to capture some golden glowing shots! Just be carful of traffic.

Ethel Wreck Beach

I think this beach is absolutely spectacular! From the beach cliffs, crashing waves and the ship wreck, there are so many opportunities for photos. I recommend taking some shots from above and from below. 

While taking from below, I recommend using a telephoto lens, to really show the height of these cliffs. The best time to visit is a few hours before sunset, that way the cliffs glow with the sun, and you can create some beautiful shots. 

Little Blue Lake, Mt Gambier

Mt Gambier is full of so many sinkholes, and I highly recommend you visit as many as possible! Little Blue Lake can be found a short drive out of Mt Gambier town but is worth the visit. 

This sinkhole is easy to miss, well I nearly drove past it, and was confused when google maps said I had arrived at my destination. Its right near a rest stop, you can walk down and swim in the sinkhole. Beware it can get quite cold. There are plenty of opportunities for some beautiful shots here, both portraits or drone. 

Make sure to visit Blue Lake in Mt Gambier too, it is such a vibrant blue – it is marvellous. 

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