When did for my passion for travelling start?

So when exactly did my passion for travelling start? What happened that made me fall in love with is so much? This is a question I get asked frequently on my instagram @beckkyhamilton, which if you are not following your definitely should! I thought I’d write a short blog post to explain why I love travelling so much, especially solo travelling and maybe it might give yourself a little inspiration!

Lets start at the beginning

I had never really thought about travelling until I was 19, I had just come out of a bad breakup and was looking for a distraction. I had severe depression and anxiety, however I didn’t want these two things to take a hold of me (unfortunately this wasn’t my first run with mental illness).

I first decided that I was going to walk to Bibbulmun track – a 1000km one way hike from Perth to Albany, Western Australia. I completed this hike with little to no experience in 40 days. During these 40 days I learnt a lot about myself and dare I say it cured my depression. It also helped with aspects of my social anxiety, as I had to put myself into situations which would usually make me uncomfortable. I learnt a lot about myself on this journey, I realised how strong mentally and physically I am. I then decided that I was going to start doing more things that made me uncomfortable, to overcome my anxieties and fears.

The first trip

Later that year, I decided to venture out on my first solo trip to Vietnam and Thailand for 1 month. This was my first time catching a plane by myself and travelling anywhere alone. I did book a tour to try and help my anxiety. I was pretty anxious the first couple of days, but ended up having the best time! This is where I learnt more about myself and where the spark for my passion to travel started.

The after math

Since that first trip I have been going on 1-2 trips a year for the past 7 years. Whether that’s just an overnighter somewhere close to my home town, or a trip overseas. Some of these trips were with a friend, some were solo. My passion for travelling has just continued to grow with each trip. By pushing myself into uncomfortable situations, made me realise two things; I can overcome a lot that I thought I couldn’t and that I wasn’t going to let anxieties or fear stop me from doing things.

Most of my trips now are solo because I actually like putting myself outside my comfort zone and seeing what I am capable of. I have now travelled to 3 states in Australia by myself in my Pajero. Travelled overseas twice for long trips, one was a hiking trip. I have planned plenty of solo trips for this year and next year I venture out on a world tour solo.

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Reasons why I love travelling?

I have now realised that travelling is such a strong passion of mine and it what brings me happiness. These are some of the reason why I still love travelling and always will.

The food.

I absolutely love trying new cruises from different countries. I still remember how good the food was from my first trip overseas, and every other trip after that. I love food anyway, but being able to try authentic food from another country is on another level. Being open to trying new things while travelling is a must, its made me realise I like certain foods I never would have tried at home.

Phillippines Feast, Why I have a passion to travel

The people.

Not only do you meet some very interesting and inspiring people from all around the globe while travelling. But you can also end up making life long friends or even finding your special someone. The locals in the country you are travelling too are incredible as well. I’ve had some great experiences at home-stays and while travelling with the locals. The hospitality and kindness of some people is unreal.

The exposure.

There are so many learning possibilities from travelling, and you are exposed to so much more. When you only stay in one country your whole life, you are not exposed to different cultures, experiences, religions, ideas, conversations, the list is endless. You learn so much about the world and people from travelling.

The beauty and nature.

I absolutely love being in nature and experiencing different landscapes. This is one of the main reason I travel, as nature is my happy place. You discover so many different terrains when travelling, things you would not see in your home country. The beauty of nature is absolutely breathtaking and with each new place I see It lights my soul.

The growth.

I can almost guarantee if you are open to experiences, culture, food and everything in between, you will not come back to same person as you left. I have learnt so much about myself by travelling, and can say I have become a better person because of it. I’ve grown to appreciate my home country, as it will always be a part of me.

I have developed better communication skills, curiosity and gained more knowledge. I have learnt more about by myself travelling, then from any other experience.

My advice

Travel while you can. Travel while you are young and before you have any ‘adult’ responsibilities. Experience new cultures, landscapes and emerge yourself in new experiences. It may be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself!

Travelling will always be a passion of mine, and I cannot wait to see what I learn, discover and experience in the upcoming years.

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