Why did I get into Content Creating? and how you can too!

This is a question which I’ve been asked by my followers on instagram. Why, how and when did I get into content creation.

This is a bit different to the blogs I usually post on this website, but it’s one that people have wanted answers too. It’s a little less informative and more of a personal piece.

Let’s start off with the how and when?

I’ll be honest I never expected to get into content creation. It was never a plan or something I actually thought about doing, it’s just something that simply happened. When I first started travelling I always used to share my photos on social media with others. In fact I’ve always treated Instagram like my personal photo album, with all my favourite memories.

My account started getting a bit of attention in 2021, when I started travelling more frequently and sharing stories/posts. Some of these pictures were featured on national park or tourism accounts, which is when my following started to grow. The more I shared and took my followers along on my travels, the more my account grew and I started growing a community.

After this, my friend actually suggested that I start up other channels like this blog and my Youtube Channel. It never hurts to give anything a go. Along this journey I found out how much I loved photography, videography and sharing my experiences with other travellers.

So in short how did I get into content creation? It was an accidental discovery, which turned out to be something I love doing. If I can make this a career that would be incredible. If I don’t, I’ll still share my stories and photos with others as I love doing it regardless.

So why do I love and continue content creating?

I like sharing my story and adventures with others. I want to inspire others to travel solo, to go out there and see the world. To try new things and experience different cultures, food and everything in between. The world is a big beautiful place which is just waiting to be explored.

I believe there is so much you can learn about other people and yourself through travelling. Personally, I learnt a lot about myself when I started to travel alone. I used to have social anxiety and could barely stand in line at the shops without having a panic attack. My anxiety caused me to have major self esteem issues and affected my confidence. When I decided to take the leap to travel alone, it was terrifying. But by doing so it made me realise just how much I am capable of. How strong I am mentally and physically. That I can challenge myself and overcome my fears.

I guess what I want to do and why I continue content creating is to inspire other people to travel solo or just to travel. I guess you could also say I want to show others that anyone can get into content creation too if it is about something they are passionate about.

How can you get into content creation ?

If you have a subject or hobby you are passionate about, all you have to do is share it with others. Whether that’s through photos, videos or writing. The best thing you can do to begin is just start. Unfortunately this doesn’t always mean you will be successful and able to make content creation a career. But if you are passionate about it and love doing, it’s still a great way to express yourself and show your passions.

My best tips for being successful with content creation is to be passionate about what you produce. Be honest and real with your audience. Be consistent in your posting and make sure you connect with your audience – making sure they are seen and heard is very important. I could honestly write a whole blog post on this, so let me know if you would like to see this in the comments.

Don’t let other discourage you from trying or pursuing your passions.

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