Handy items to add to your Camp Kitchen

It’s safe to say I’ve done my fair share of camping and have had multiple opportunities to fine tune my camp kitchen. These are items which I’ve added to my camp kitchen over the years, and items which I have wish I had when out camping.

This list doesn’t include every items you will need for your camp kitchen, but it does include ones which people don’t think about or wouldn’t usually consider. If I’ve missed anything and think I should add to this list, let me know in the comments!

My top tips for choosing items in your camp kitchen

  • Choose items which are lightweight.
  • Anything that is stackable or collapsible will help save space.
  • Only include items that you use regularly at home
  • Don’t over pack your kitchen! If you only travel with 2 people, have everything you need for 2 people – you don’t need 4 plates, bowls etc.
  • If buying gadgets or appliances for your camp kitchen, make sure to check to voltage and wattage.

Portable Coffee Maker

portable coffee maker, camp kitchen

My favourite gadget that I have in my camp kitchen! I am a sucker for pod coffee and a bit of a coffee snob, which is where this gadget comes in handy. You simply put the pod in the bottom, fill the top with hot or cold water and press the button. The gadget does heat up the water if it is cold, but I recommend hot water, as you will get alot more uses out of one charge.

Collapsible Kettle

collapsible kettle, camp kitchen

You will start to see a theme with this list, and that’s that a lot of items are collapsible. Why is this? Because it saves a lot of space in your camp kitchen, which trust me you want to do.

Collapsible Containers

collapsible containers, camp kitchen

I recommend having a few of these collapsible containers in your camp kitchen for leftovers or holding cut up fruit or vegetables. They are easy to clean and take up little storage space.

Light and Compact Pots and Pans

Compact pots and pans are a must for your camp kitchen, especially if you only plan on cooking on a stove top (don’t use these on a campfire!). There are heaps of sets out there that include pots, frying pans and other accessories. They all stack into each other, which saves heaps of space.

Sea To Summit Wilderness Wash

This is the best wash for both camping and hiking. It can be used as a dishwashing liquid and laundry liquid. It is biodegradable and you only need a small amount for each wash.

Collapsible Sink

If you have a van or a caravan you won’t need this item. However, if you have a similar set up to mine which does not have a sink or built in kitchen, a collapsible sink is a great addition to your camp kitchen. I prefer getting ones with a drainage hole so I can use it to dry my dishes as well. These also double up as a washing basket for your clothes.

Coleman Fold N Go 2

This has got to be one of my favourite camping stoves on the market! It’s a double burner stove which folds up to the size of a single burner stove. It also operates off propane gas bottles – which are fairly small and easy to store. I’d also recommend getting a windshield for your stove.

Reusable ZipLock Bags

When I travel I try to use as little plastic as possible, which is where these reusable ziplock bags come in handy. As a solo traveller these are great for holding any ingredients or meals that I want to use for another day. They are also freezer proof which is very handy. If you don’t want to get reusable ones, I do recommend getting ziplock bags as they do come in handy!

Bag Sealing Clips

These clips are extremely handy to have in your camp kitchen and they are cheap! They are great for sealing packages such as chips, pasta, bread and more.

Sea to Summit Delta Camp Set

This is just one of the many camping sets on the market. What I like about this one is it is lightweight and comes with everything you need for one person including; a cup, knife, fork, spoon, plate and bowl. You can of course choose whatever bowls, plates and cutlery you want. I personally wouldn’t choose collapsible plates or bowls for your camping set up because I’ve had a few moments when I’ve been carrying them wrong and have lost my whole meal *whoops!*.

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