5 places you MUST visit in Western Australia

Western Australia is the biggest state in Australia, so there are plenty of places out there to explore. I’ve done my fair share of travelling in this big beautiful state and with so much to see in Western Australia, I thought I’d compose a list of 5 places you must visit.

Cape Le Grand National Park

Pristine coastline, clear turquoise waters and kangaroos! Cape Le Grand National Park has some of the best beaches in Western Australia. Located near the town of Esperance, which is another place with incredible beaches. It’s somewhere you must visit on any trip to WA, make sure you spend at least 3 days here. There are cheap campsites at Lucky Bay and Cape Le Grand, which are the only campsites in the National Park. You will need to book these far in advance, especially during peak times.

If you want to know the best beaches to visit while you are in the National Park, you can check out my guide here.

Ningaloo Coast

Along the Ningaloo Coast you will find some of the best snorkelling and fishing in WA. In fact, the snorkelling has been said to be just as impressive as the Great Barrier Reef. The Ningaloo Coast stretches 705,015 hectares along the coast from Red Bluff to the Muiron Islands. There is a lot of ground to cover. Some of the best spots to enjoy what the Ningaloo Coast has to offer are Warroora, Coral Bay and Exmouth.


A trip to Western Australia wouldn’t be complete without a trip or at least a taste of the Kimberley. The Kimberley covers a very large area of WA, so you will need a lot of time to see it all. However, if you are short on time my top destinations to visit are El Questro, Lake Argyle, James Price Point and Purnululu National Park.

To read more about the Kimberley, you can read my guide here. If you’d like a more indepth view of Purnululu National Park, you can read my full travel guide here.

Karijini National Park

Gorges, swimming holes and hiking, a gem in the Pilbara. This place will blow your mind, its beautiful, especially after a bit of rain. I recommend visiting just after the wet season to make the most of your experience.

You can read my full guide about the National Park here.

Mt Augustus and Kennedy Ranges

This is usually missed by a lot of travellers who come to Western Australia? I’m not sure if they don’t know about it or do feel like its worth visiting. I think it’s one of the lesser known gems of WA, and is worth the long drive out. Also, did you know that Mt Augustus is actually the largest rock in the world? Larger than Uluru! It’s just not deemed as impressive because majority of it is underneath the ground. I think it’s worth a visit, and the Kennedy Ranges are spectacular during sunrise or sunset.

You can read my full guide to Mt Augustus and the Kennedy Ranges here.

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