10 Items for any Australian Road-trip

Whether you’re planning an Australian road trip or just looking for some new tips. This blog post talks about 10 items which I have found extremely handy while travelling through Australia. This list is mainly aimed at people who are planning a road trip through Australia.

items for Australian road trip
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1. Tool box

I always recommend you travel with even the most basic tool box. You never know when it might come in handy! I have been stuck in some very remote places where parts of my car have just needed some slight adjusting in order to get it working again. Even if you don’t know how to use these tools, there is usually someone along the way that does.

2. Lithium Jump Starter Battery

The best thing for travelling around Australia, and the world! I love this item and it has saved me multiple times. It’s great for two reasons. The first is that it can jump start a car, so if you are stuck somewhere and don’t have a second battery, you can use this to get going again. They are very powerful, mine can easily jump start my Pajero with one charge. You can get ones which will easily jump start a 4WD, one or two times off one charge.

The second reason is that it is great for charging electronics. If you don’t have a power system in your setup this is a great way to charge your electronics overnight! Just remember to recharge it while driving the following day. I actually take my lithium battery with me when I travel internationally too, as it easily charges my electronics on my travelling days. If you take these internationally just remember they need to be carried in your carry on luggage.

Always do your own research into brands when buying any lithium products!

3. Personal Emergency beacon device

If you are a solo traveller and you enjoy hiking, I recommend getting yourself one of these. They do cost a bit and aren’t necessary. It just gives that little bit extra security incase something does go wrong. Essentially how they work is when activated, they give your location to the proper authorities, which allows them to find you. This is great if you are going into the Australian outback and have no other form of communication or if you unfortunately get into an accident.

4. UHF Radio

A very handy thing to have, especially when travelling in the outback of Australia. This allows you to have a second form of communication with people who may be nearby, incase of an emergency. However, it is also handy for knowing what road trains are coming or going. What makes this great is you know whether a wide or large load is coming towards you, it gives you time to get out of the way. It’s also great for communication with truck and caravan drivers, to find out whether or not it is safe to overtake.

This item isn’t necessary, however it is handy.

5. Baby Wipes

If you know…you know. Baby wipes are super handy to take while on the road, because they will probably be your ”camp shower”. There will be days when you won’t be showering, and it’s nice to feel somewhat clean. They also come in handy if you have to do some work on your car, helps keep your hands clean. Just remember to take the used ones with you and throw them in the trash. Let’s keep Australia beautiful!

5. Torch

It’s always handy to have a torch in your set up. Head torch, lantern, little torch, doesn’t matter! Just make sure you have one.

6. GPS

If you are planning on going rural and you don’t know the Australian roads, I recommend a GPS. If you have a phone with reception you can just use your phone. A GPS comes in handy when you get into the outback parts of Australia where there is literally nothing. Don’t want to pay for a GPS? Look into getting a basic map of Australia.

7. Telstra phone

If you are travelling to Australia, I highly recommend you look into getting a telstra phone or sim card. Telstra has the biggest coverage in Australia, which means you will most likely get signal in even the most remote places. Optus is catching up to Telstra, however Telstra is still the best.

8. Toilet paper

Always carry toilet paper with you on a road trip! The public bathrooms usually don’t have toilet paper in them, especially the rural ones. It’s also just handy in case you need to use the roadside toilet. If you do this make sure to take the toilet paper with you – don’t litter please.

9. Air compressor

I’d only recommend this item if you are planning on doing some 4WD tracks around Australia. It’s handy to have one on board as some petrols stations are not available for kilometres after 4WD tracks. There are a few places which have air compressors before a track, this is very rare. It is also handy for blowing bull dust off your car!

If you are not doing any 4WD’ing I’d recommend at least having a tyre gauge to check your tyre pressure as you travel. Another handy thing to have with you which I haven’t mentioned on this list is a tyre repair kit. You may never use it, but you’ll be thankful you have it if you do puncture a tyre in the middle of nowhere.

10. Power system

A power system comes in handy when you are travelling around Australia, as it allows you to stay off grid for a lot longer. It also means you don’t have to check into caravan parks, which can save you heaps of money. It also means you can run a fridge and other electronics, which will make for a much more comfortable road trip.

If you don’t want to do the full dual battery setup, look into getting some basic fold out solar panels.

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