Finding Cheap Campsites – Australia Edition

The best way to save money while travelling around Australia is to try and find the cheapest campsites possible! I won’t lie, travelling around Australia can be a costly trip, which is why I’ve made a list of the best ways I recommend to find some cheap campsites.

Best Apps

TIP: It’s best to download these apps prior to commencing your road trip.


Free – Android or IOS

I prefer Campermate over WikiCamps but it is completely up to the user. This app can be used offline so it’s great if you are in the middle of nowhere. I love this app because it shows you National Park campsites, caravan parks and council campsites. This app also shows you petrol stations, supermarkets, public toilets and rubbish dumps.


Cost – Android or IOS

WikiCamps allows users to log all their favourite finds and make it accessible to others. It works much the same as Campermate. However, WikiCamps can show you information such as the length of a site and if there is wifi. I’ve never actually used this myself, but it is usually the number one recommendation from Australian Travellers.

National Park Camping VS Caravan Parks

I always prefer to stay in National Parks compared to Caravan Parks, mainly because it costs about half the price. There are heaps of National Parks in Australia which have camping available for around $8-$15 AUD per night. These can usually be booked online through the National Park websites for each state, or booked upon arrival.

The only reason I stay at caravan parks is when I need to have a shower, do some washing or it is my only option. I have a fully self contained set up, so I have a constant power source. If you are travelling in a campervan which does not have a constant source of power, you won’t have much choice but to stay at caravan parks every now and then.

If you want to save on costs, it might be worth looking into a campervan which has a dual battery system or solar panels. This way you can stay off the grid for a lot longer. It may cost a little bit more for rentals, but it will save you a few dollars when it comes to accommodation.

Rest Stops

Australia has plenty of 24 hr rest stops along the main roads. What’s brillent about these is that they are free, usually on the way to your destinations, have picnic tables and toilets. The big winner here is that they have toilets, which means you don’t need to be fully contained to stay here!

I know some people are a bit iffy about staying at rest stops, however if you are looking for a way to keep costs down while travelling around Australia, this is a good option. If you are worried about staying here, especially if you are travelling solo, look out for grey nomads. I have stayed in plenty of 24 hr rest stops on my travels and have never had a problem.

You can usually find where 24hr rest stops are by using the main roads websites for whatever state you are travelling in. There are also plenty of signs on the main roads which tell you the distance to the next major rest stop.

Council or Town Websites

I was amazed to find so many hidden campsites on council or town websites! These are great if you are trying to find some less popular camping spots around particular areas. Although, with the growing popularity in the apps mentioned above, these campsites are usually features on those apps now.

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