Packing List – Australia Edition

Your Australian packing list will change depending on your duration and what time of year you plan on visiting. You want to make sure you have some of the essential items prior to your trip to save on that valuable vacation time! This list is contains items I believe are essential to travel around Australia.

Packing List- Australia
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1. Australian Power Adaptor

You will need to get the 3 prong power Adaptor for Australia and New Zealand. If you can’t purchase this prior to your trip, you can purchase them in the airport or at electronic stores. Just make sure you remember one otherwise it will be buy buy to electronics! Another good tip is to bring USB charging cords and a cigarette lighter adaptor for charging your electronics on road trips.

2. Sun Protection

This includes sunscreen and a hat. The Australian sun is very strong and you will require sun protection!

3. Active Wear

One pair of active wear, or two if you plan on doing a lot of active activities such as hiking. Bike shorts, leggings a sports crop top and t-shirt for women. A pair of shorts and t-shirt or singlet for men. Activewear is also very good for any long drives you may have planned, best to stay comfortable!

4. Bathers

There are a lot of water based activities in Australia, and let’s face it we all travel to Australia for the amazing beaches! I’d recommend bringing at least two pairs of bathers/swimsuits.

5. Towel

A simple towel for hostels or the beach. I can highly recommend you look into Tesalate sandfree beach towels. They are small, convenient and sandfree! The perfect addition to any backpackers suitcase. They won’t only be great for Australia but other countries around the world.

6. Warm Clothing

A pair of trackies (sweatpants), a warm jumper, beanie and some warm socks. Some parts of Australia do get very cold. If you plan on road tripping around Australia this is a must, as it can be very warm during the day but reach cold temperatures at night.

7. Wet Weather Gear

Although Australia is known for its beautiful sunny weather, it does still rain here. It’s best to bring 1 rain jacket with you on your travels, especially if you are visiting during winter or the tropical parts of Australia.

8. Walking Shoes

There are heaps of amazing hikes in Australia, so it is recommend you bring some comfortable shoes to walk in. A simple pair of trainers or running shoes will suffice. If you plan on doing any of the longer, more strenuous hikes, I recommend some basic hiking shoes.

9. Thongs or Sandals

This is the most Australian footwear you will come across. Us Aussies wear thongs (flip flops) or sandals everywhere! As I can imagine a lot of your Australian holiday will be based around beach activities, this is you best option. Maybe bring one pair of boots or nicer shoes if you plan on going out.

10. Insect Repellant and Fly Net

You don’t need to pack this with you, if you are travelling internationally. However, I highly recommend you get some as soon as you land in Australia. Depending on what season you travel there will undoubtedly be flies and mozzies hanging around.

11. Dressier Clothes

It’s always best to bring at least one nice dress or dress shirt/pants with you to Australia. Most wineries and bars/clubs do have a dress code. If you are travelling in summer a nice summer dress or dress shirt and in winter maybe just a nice jacket. Most places will accept jeans and a nice top as “dressy”.

12. Ear Plugs

If you are staying in hostels or campsite’s, ear plugs always come in handy! It stops the background noise and can help you sleep. Also if you are camping it is very helpful at drowning out noises from the bush or outback.

13. Small Backpack

It’s best to bring a smaller backpack for your day activities. Something big enough to hold a towel, water bottle, hat and some clothing.

14. Light Clothing

Such as light dresses, playsuits, shorts and t-shirts. If you are planning on visiting the colder states such as Victoria, I’d recommend a pair of jeans and a few long sleeve tops.

15. Powerbank

Power banks are extremely handy in Australia. The most common thing to do in Australia is the Big Lap or a road trip, and most of the rental campervans only have power while driving or when connected to 240V in campgrounds. A power bank will come in handy to juice up your electronics when on the road.

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