AmazingCo Mystery Picnic – Unique Experience in Perth

I mean who doesn’t love a picnic? Sitting with your friends or loved ones in the beauty of nature or at your favourite spot. Enjoying snacks, a cheese board and other tasty treats (maybe even some cheeky wine). But this experience isn’t just any ordinary picnic, it’s a picnic with a little mystery. It’s a fun and creative way to get friends, couples or families together. Solve clues and riddles, while spending a few hours exploring some of the beautiful sights around Perth.

This experience is through AmazingCo, whose mission is “to give everyone the opportunity to discover the world around them in interesting and unexpected ways, while building genuine connections that enrich their lives. Ultimately, we want to leave our community with β€˜remember the time’ memories that last forever.” – Direct quote from AmazingCo. They run a range of activities from mystery picnics, to city wide amazing races, food discoveries and kids entertainment. There experiences are located all around Australia so make sure to check out one close to you!

What is this experience?

Firstly, you need to make a booking online. If you are booking in Perth they have a range of regions where you can enjoy this experience. Including Swan Valley, Fremantle, Serpentine, Mandurah and Hyde Park. Once you’ve picked your region and created a booking, AmazingCo will set up everything else. All you have to do is wait for your first clue (delivered via email) the night before your mystery picnic. This will be your first stop, where you will collect a range of goodies and gourmet treats to add to your final picnic. Along the way you will stop at sights and recommendations from AmazingCo. It’s a great way to see some wonders of the region. You will continue solving riddles and clues for about 7 stops, until you have all the local produce for your picnic. You can then either choose to enjoy your collected goodies at a sight recommended by AmazingCo or you can choose one of your own in the region.

The whole experience will cost you $120 AUD for two adults.

What was my experience like?

Basically, I loved it! I went on this experience with my best friend in the Swan Valley region. Starting at 11 am we arrived at our first stop, Lancaster Wines. Here we had a wine tasting and collected an arrangement of meats and cheeses. We snapped some photos in the beautiful vines and moved onto the next stop.

Our Second stop was to Providore, where we picked up some jams and spreads for our picnic. I will say that it took us a little while to figure out this clue. That’s fine, because AmazingCo have hints if you really are stuck on a riddle or clue. While we were here we stopped at the Margaret River Chocolate factory, because it was too tempting not too. Along the way AmazingCo recommended other places to stop and shops to visit.

Our third stop was to the Whistlers Chocolate Company. More chocolate, yay! As I am a bit of a chocoholic this was very excited. We collected our goodies, while having a bit of a browse and buying some presents for family. The fourth stop was a visit to Whiteman Park, where we went for a little stroll. You don’t need to include this into your mystery picnic if you are not up to it. The fifth and final stop was to the Black Swan Bakehouse where we collected some bread rolls and drinks.

Our sixth stop lead us to our final picnic spot which was a lovely little park overlooking the river. A great place to end the day! If the spot AmazingCo chooses doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can choose any other spot to have your picnic.

The whole experience took about 3 hrs. The food you pick up is delicious and you can tell AmazingCo have put a lot of thought into the organisation so you have the best experience. A big plus is that they cater to any dietary needs!

If this is something that spikes your interest, you can book your mystery picnic here.

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