5 Unusual but Handy Items for your Next Road Trip

As I travel on the road a lot, I always get asked what are a few handy items to pack for a road trip? I’ve decided to make a list of 5 items which I find useful and that might come in handy for you too. These items aren’t essential for a road trip but they are ones that I use and now won’t leave for a trip with out!

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Wash Bloc Shampoo/Conditioner

A game changer for travellers. If you have long hair like me or your just planning a long road trip, carrying the correct amount of shampoo and conditioner can be a pain. Then when you run out who wants to buy a whole bottle?! It’s such a waste of space! Yes you can buy the travel sizes (which are ridiculously expensive) or you can pour the bottles into travel size containers. This works for short trips but for long trips you are undoubtedly going to run out at some point. WashBloc is the solution. I’ve been loving these products and have been using them for a few months now. I have stopped using my $80 shampoo and conditioner because my hair is a lot healthier using these. I take them on all my trips and here is why I think every traveller should buy these.

  1. They are environmentally friendly. Each block is about 3 bottles of shampoo or conditioner, which means less plastic and less fuss.
  2. They smell amazing! Not to forget they are made from all natural ingredients with no silicone, sulphates, Parabens and more. Only the good stuff in these.
  3. They are reasonably priced, especially when you are getting 3 bottles worth out of one bloc.
  4. They’re small and easy to pack in your bag. Great for any style of travelling.

I have a sneaky discount code too for you all if you are interested (which you should be!). Use code BECK20 at the checkout for a sneaky 20% off your order.

Portable Pod Coffee Maker

If you’re a little bit of a coffee snob like myself, then this handy little gadget is for you! It’s rechargeable via a USB port and can make up to 100 cups of coffee off one charge (using hot water). Quick, portable and easy to use. Each morning in a few minutes you will have a great cup of coffee to start off your day.

You can check it out here.

Lithium Jump Starter and Power Bank

This is not only a smart item to have on a road trip but also has multiple uses. This handy item has saved me at least 6 times on the road. The lithium battery has enough juice to jump start my pajero, which hasn’t started randomly in some very remote places. This has saved me from waiting for other people to help, which sometimes isn’t possible in Australia, unless you want to be waiting for hours or days. It also doubles up as a great powerbank to charge all your electronics. This is a great alternative if you don’t have a dual battery set up. I also take this handy item with me when I travel internationally because I can charge multiple electronics off one charge.

Ear Plugs

A strange recommendation but very handy item to have with you. This is mainly for when you are camping in caravan parks and its fairly noisey. Or if you are sleeping in the elements and can hear the wind or rain, hitting your rooftop tent or van. These have saved me from very poor sleeps on my travels, it’s amazing how such a small item can make such a big difference. I recommend keeping a few of these in your car, to use if necessary! You can also get silicone ones if you feel like being fancy.

Foldable Solar Powered Lantern

This is a handy item if you don’t have a proper lighting set up, for tents and for hiking. Keep it in the sun while you are out adventuring or while driving, by night time you will have a LED light ready to go. The foldable ones are very handy, because they take up little space and fit in any bag, making them very easy to transport. It’s a cheap but handy item I recommend for camping, hiking or road trips. I recommend the LuminAID brand as it has 5 brightness settings plus a red light setting, which means you won’t attract bugs to your campsite! It takes about 16-20 hrs of direct sunlight to charge fully, which lasts a few nights. Or you can charge it with the usb port while driving. Keep it simple.

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