The Aquarium, Yallingup: A Quick Guide

Now, I am not talking about a real aquarium where you go and see wildlife through glass, I am talking about a beautiful rock pool located near the small town of Yallingup, Western Australia. If you are looking for an amazing swimming and snorkelling spot close to Perth, then the Aquarium is for you! This once was a secret spot only known to locals, until it blew up on instagram. It’s now very popular and gets very crowded during the summer months! After you visit, you can see why.

What is “The Aquarium”?

The Aquarium is a small lagoon protected by large granite rocks, making its protected waters a great place for swimming, bringing the kids and snorkelling. The Aquarium has incredibly clear turquoise waters, it’s also an great spot for photographers and drone photography.

How to Get There

To get here, start heading towards Yallingup which is roughly a 3.5 hr. drive from Perth. This beautiful lagoon is located between Smiths Beach and Canal Rocks. While heading to Canal Rocks, you will pass a small car park – here is where you can park or along the side of the road to access the Aquarium. From here, you have a short 1.3km walk along the Cape to Cape track. When the track opens up to a large path heading down to the beach, follow this and you will find the Aquarium. You can put “The Aquarium” in google maps, and it will give you the rough location.


There isn’t much to do at The Aquarium besides swimming and snorkelling, nevertheless it makes for a great little day trip. Make sure to check out the other attractions while you are in the area such as Canal Rocks, Injidup Spa, Cape Naturaliste and Sugar Loaf Rock. Yallingup or the close towns of Dunsborough and Gracetown, are also some great places to spend a few days exploring.

Make sure you ‘leave no trace’ at all these beautiful attractions, to make sure other people can enjoy them. No one likes a litterer.


If you want to avoid the crowds, your best bet would be to visit early in the morning. The only downside to this is that the sun won’t be in the best position for photography or drone shots.

If you are looking for other amazing spots in WA’s South West, you can check out my blog here.

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