Perth to Esperance – 2 Week Road-trip

This Perth to Esperance road trip will take you to mountain ranges, beautiful beaches, national parks and along an amazing coastline. This itinerary can be stretched out as long as you like! The destinations are that beautiful it’s easy to want to spend more time at the locations on this list.

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Stirling Ranges – 2 Days

Starting your road trip off with a 400 km or 4.5 hr drive to the Stirling Range National Park. This national park is a hikers paradise! Not into hiking? There are scenic drives, bird watching and lookouts, which offer some amazing views of the suddening landscape.

Top Things to do:

  • Bluff Knoll: A 6 km return hike from the car park. This hike is a series of steep steps to the top, a good level of fitness is required. Best tackled for sunrise!
  • Other Mountain hikes
  • Scenic drives
  • Bird watching

Where to stay:

If you want to read a detailed guide about the Stirling Ranges, you can read my blog here.

Albany/Denmark – 3 Days

A short 1 hour drive from the Stirling Ranges you will arrive in Albany. A small town rich with history, amazing beaches, unique quirks and beautiful national parks. Denmark is a 40 min drive from Albany, so I suggest making this a full or half day trip.

Things to do

  • Bald Head hike: A challenging 12 km hike in the Torndirrup National Park. This trail offers amazing views on every corner. Be sure to pack a camera!
  • Little Beach: A 35 min drive from Albany. Two Peoples Bay Nature reserve offers many other amazing beaches.
  • Middleton Beach
  • National ANZAC Centre
  • Mistaken Island
  • The Gap and Natural Bridge
  • Salmon Holes Beach
  • Misery Beach
  • Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool – Denmark

Where to stay

Bremer Bay – 2 Days

Today you have a 2 hour drive to arrive in Bremer Bay. This is a small coastal town with amazing beaches, close to Fitzgerald River National Park and whale watching. The town has a laid back vibe so it’s a nice place to relax for a few days.

Things to do

  • Beaches: Fishery Beach, Native Dog Beach, Blossoms Beach, Short Beach and Banky Beach
  • Fitzgerald River National Park: West Mt Barron, East Mt Barren, Barren’s beach. Park Fees Apply. Camping at Four Mile is also available, you can book here.
  • Whale and Killer whale spotting
  • Fishing

Where to stay

Esperance – 3 Days

After a 4.5hr drive you’ll arrive in one of my favourite places in WA! Esperance is filled with some of the best beaches WA has to offer. Want to know more about these beaches? You can read my guide here. What will you be doing here for 3 days? Beach bumming, snorkelling, fishing and taking in the chilled vibes of the town.

Where to stay

Cape Le Grand National Park – 3 Days

Like Esperance, Cape Le Grand National Park is full of pristine, turquoise beaches. A short 45 min drive from Esperance makes this a great way to end your 2 week itinerary. You can either choose to stay in the national park or base yourself in Esperance and visit the national park in day trips. I’d recommend camping in the national park so you can make the most of your visit.

I have already written a blog about the best beaches to see in Cape Le Grand, you can read it here.

Where to stay

  • Lucky Bay Campgrounds
  • Cape Le Grand Campgrounds

Drive Back to Perth

Today you have a long 8 hr drive back to Perth. If you are not comfortable completing this drive in one go, feel free to complete it over 2 days. If you have time, make sure to check out Wave Rock on your way home!

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