Amazing Rock Pools in South Australia

Now that I’ve travelled through South Australia, I can can see how it got the label of the ‘rock pool state’. Firstly, the South Australian coastline is insanely beautiful and filled with sea cliffs. Secondly, the abundance of rocky outcrops makes for some amazing rock pools. If you love rock pool hunting, this is the place for you! I’m sure there are plenty of rock pools missed on this list, nevertheless, these are the ones I recommend you add to your bucket list.

Disclaimer: Some of these rock pools are only accessible at low tide. Make sure to check tide and swell conditions, prior to visiting. This will also make the rock pools as safe as possible, giving you ease to enjoy! Venture out at your own risk.

Vivonne Bay Rock pool, Kangaroo Island

Starting off strong, this rock pool is located near the Vivonne Bay jetty and has its location pinned on Google maps. This rock pool has the clearest water and it is massive. Waves break over the outer rocks creating a waterfall or spa effect. This can be dangerous is large swells, therefore always check conditions prior to visiting.

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Talia Cave Rock Pools

These rock pools are the most unique on the list. There are a few scattered on the rocky beach, some perfectly circular. To get to these rock pools, make your way to the Woodshed Cave. Once you have reached the bottom of the stairs, instead of turning left towards the cave, turn right towards the headland. Follow the first headland around and wonder onto the small rocky beach with a shallow reef. From a distance it look like there isn’t anything here, but trust me there is!

These rock pools are only visible at low tide.

Greenly Beach Rock Pool

Another massive rock pool that is very easy to find. To find this rock pool simply write in ‘greenly beach rock pool’ on Google and you will have your directions. To get here you need to drive down corrugated roads, which were in excellent condition when I visited. This rock pool is completely sheltered from swells and waves, maybe a bit of a splash hear and there. Home to plenty of tiny fish and star fish, these shallow waters make for a great day trip.

There are two rock pools at greenly beach. Above is the main one, which is very protected. The second is on the opposite side of the beach, which would only be accessible at low tide and small swells. I recommend going to the main one.

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The Swimming Hole, Whalers Way

This rock pool is simply beautiful. Clear water, with tints of green and blue. Calm shallow waters and big enough not to feel crowded. Be warned, the climb down to this rock pool is kind of sketchy. To get down you will need to climb down a metal stair case attached to the cliff face. From here, turn right down towards the head land, it won’t be long before you see the rock pool.

There is another rock pool on the left hand side, which you can see from the bottom of the ladder way. This wasn’t nearly as nice as then other one. You can find out more about Whalers Way here.

Secret rock pool, Yorke Peninsula

A rock pool barely known to social media, and worth the discovery. Firstly, I am not going to tell you the exact location of this rock pool, as I would like to keep it a bit of a secret. Plus, this means you will have to set off on an adventure to try and find it! The location is somewhere between Marion Bay and Foul Bay on the Yorke Peninsula. Use Google maps to search that coastline, to try and find it. Happy hunting!

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Shell Beach Rock Pool

This rock pool is located in the Dhilba Guuranda-Innes National Park. It is very easy to find, requiring a short beach walk and rock scramble. Once you reach the headland try get to a high point, you will be able to spot the rock pool easier, as it is hidden behind rocks. It is accessible at low and high tide. At low tide the pool is shallow, at high tide it is deeper.

Smokey Bay Rock Pool

There is a very unique rock pool located near Smokey Bay, unfortunately I wasn’t able to find it on my travels. I believe they are located North of St Mary Bay, I’d try use Google maps as a guide. If you want to find out more information about this rock pool, there are some guides on Google from other travel bloggers.

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