Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia

The Fleurieu Peninsula was by far my favourite Peninsula in South Australia! The coastline is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Massive cliffs, amazing beaches, rock pools and beautiful hills. Being only a short drive away from Adelaide, you should definitely take some time to explore.

Port Willunga Beach and Caves

One my the top 5 best beaches of South Australia. The perks of going during the off-season are I got this beach completely to myself. I can imagine in the hotter months this beach is packed and fights over the beach caves. The beach caves were carved by fishermen to store their boats, but now offer a great little shelter from the sun. The beach is white soft sand and the waters are calm and protected. You could easily spend the whole day here. Add this one to your Fleurieu Peninsula itinerary.

Sellicks Beach and Cliffs

This is the first beach I’ve been to in South Australia that just blew me away! The cliffs are jagged in nature, and truly beautiful to look at. It’s become a popular photography spot and you can see why. If taking photos on the cliffs, be extremely careful as they are unstable, there are warning signs everywhere. Sellicks Beach itself has white sand and calm waters. The bonus is you can drive onto the beach and 2WD’s we’re doing it! The sand is rock hard so you shouldn’t have a problem, just make sure you check tide times. Another bonus this beach is dog friendly.

Reynolds View Point

This is a great stop without a drone, however, if you do have one I highly recommend popping it up to get some shots! This viewpoint is just outside Sellicks Beach, on Main St and offers great views over the lush green hills and ocean.

Carrickalinga Beach and Rock Pools

This beach is white sand and calm blue waters, it’s easy to spend a whole day here. If you are up for an adventure, travel down to Carrickalinga Beach North for some rock pools. There are plenty of little rock pools along this stretch of coastline and a secret beach!

To get to the Rockpool you see mainly on social media, follow the walking trail towards the secret beach (from the Carpark turn right toward the cliffs). From here follow it until you see a very distinct path leading down towards the rocks, follow this down. From here you will need to do some rock scrambling and short wade through water. The rock pool is located on a fairly large rock separated from the headland. It is only visible during low tide so plan accordingly! To get to the secret beach, follow the same path down and either swim or carefully scramble over the rocks to the beach.

Second Valley

Second valley has much to offer, unfortunately when I visited it was blowing a gale and just horrible weather. Besides the stunning jetty and amazing snorkelling/diving, you have some nice cove beaches, a cave and some impressive hills. To get to the cove beach (where you see people cliff diving), walk along the jetty till you see a set of stairs leading you around the cliff, follow and it will lead you to a cove type beach. On the right side of the jetty, if you walk along the beach to the rocky section, you will find some rock pools. Don’t forget to follow one of the paths up towards the cliffs, you can capture some great shots with the cliffs in the background. If you haven’t noticed the Fleurieu Peninsula has some amazing sea cliffs.

Rapid Bay

This bay completely blew me away. There are 2 caves you can visit, one very accessible, the second a bit harder. The first one is a simple walk along the beach and is labelled on Google maps. The second you will have to either swim or rock scramble to. When you are at the main cave follow the headland around, you can climb over the rocks it isn’t as sketchy as it looks! Follow this around and you will come across a small bay, this is one spot you can chill for the day.

To get to the other cave, you will need to scramble over some more rocks in the same direction, once you reach the big beach, it’s about 5mins further. You can do the majority of it by walking over the rocks, the end section however, you will need to wade through water. You know you are at the cove/cave beach when, well..you can see the massive cave. I’d recommend going during no swells and low tide. I came across a few seals too!

Deep Creek Conservation Park

I only camped in this park, but driving around I saw so many great things to see. There are heaps of hiking trails and really nice beaches to explore. If you have a 4WD I’d recommend stopping at blowholes beach. If you are camping on the lower part of the Fleurieu Peninsula, I’d recommend booking a camping spot in this Conservation Park.

Want to find more amazing sports to stop add to your South Australia itinerary? Check out my guides for the Yorke Peninsula and Eyre Peninsula.

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