8 Best Beaches in West Australia

Australia is well known for its white sand, blue water beaches and there is definitely a fair few in WA. Pristine waters, amazing snorkelling, unique shorelines are all wonders to be found on WA beaches.

I’ve done my fair share of travelling in West Australia and these are my favourites!

Wharton Beach

Starting off strong, Wharton Beach is located in Cape Le Grand National Park near Esperance. You do not need a 4WD to access this beach, however, if you do have one you can drive along the beach.

This beach has amazing clear calm waters, and a stunning rocky coastline, making it great for photography. You definitely need to visit this beach on your WA visit!

Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand

We’ve all heard about the famous kangaroo beach, right? Well, this is it! Take your 4WD down the beach and park up for the day to enjoy your own slice of paradise. If you’re lucky you might get a visit from some local kangaroos.

If you are spending time in the Esperance area, check out my guide here.

Turquoise Bay

Located near Exmouth in the Cape Range National Park, Turquoise bay offers some of the best snorkelling in WA. You have two options here you can either swim on the north side of the bay where the waters are calm or let the current take you around the bay on the south side (use caution and look for warning signs).

You will get lucky here and see heaps of sea life, make sure you kept an eye out!

TIP: Visit early in the morning for fewer crowds, and this is when the sea life comes out!

Little Hellfire, Cape Le Grand

This is my favourite beach in WA! It is much like the other beaches in Cape Le Grand but this one I found fewer people seem to visit, so it gives you more of a special feel. Like the beach is all yours.

Surrounded by rocky coastline and hills, and superfine white sand beaches, It’s a must in this National Park. You might get lucky and get to spot some dolphins too!

Twilight Beach, Esperance

The most popular beach in Esperance and for good reason. This beach is located on the Great Ocean Drive. This beach does get busy in peak times because of its accessibility and beauty.

If you are feeling adventurous, swim out to the rock formation and jump off!

Blue Haven, Esperance

Just around the corner of Twilight Bay is another stunning beach–Blue Haven. Another popular beach in Esperance, prepare for this to be busy during peak times. The stairs down to this beach are iconic and offer great photo opportunities.

Spend the day and enjoy the turquoise waters and white sand beach.

Little Beach

This beach is a short drive from Albany’s centre and offers some stunning coastal scenery. This beach is surrounded by granite rocks making it more protected. Offering some amazing photography opportunities, make sure you get the drone up at this one!

This is only one of the amazing beaches along this coastline, if you have time explore each track to the beach. You can camp, beachfront, at a lot of these beaches too!

Bills Bay, Coral Bay

This beach has a lot of sentimental value to me, as it’s pretty much where I spent all my childhood holidays. I LOVE this beach because the waters are always flat and clear. Another great feature of this beach is where the sandbank drops off, straight away there is amazing snorkelling. Not to forget the sealife!

Bills Bay is just one of the beaches that surround Coral Bay, if you have time I definitely recommend spending a few days or a week here!

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