Beaches of Cape Le Grand National Park

I dare say that this National Park has some of the most beautiful coastlines in all of Australia. If you want white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and friendly kangaroos. Then Cape Le Grand should be on your travel bucket list. These are the beaches you must visit.

Lucky Bay

We’ve all heard of the famous West Australian beach with the friendly kangaroos, right? Well, this is it! The kangaroos wander around both the beach and campsite and are very friendly. I wasn’t fortunate enough to see them up close on my trip, however, when you visit the beach is everything! I’d visit early morning for your best chance. Lucky bay is a stretch of beautiful white sand beach and crystal clear waters. If you have a 4WD you can drive onto the beach and set up camp for the day. The beach is rock hard so you probably could get a 2WD on there but that’s up to the driver’s discretion.

Hellfire Bay

Another crystal clear, blue water beach. This beach is one of my top favourite beaches in West Australia. The Bay is fairly protected from the wind so you can expect calm waters the majority of the time. You might get lucky and see some dolphins feeding in the bay on your visit!

Little Hellfire

It’s official, this beach has won my heart and is my favourite beach in West Australia. This beach is missed by so many people! I would have even missed it if it wasn’t for a friend from Esperance suggesting it. A short 15-20 min walk from Hellfire car park, you will find this beautiful bay. You might even get lucky and have it all to yourself. I easily spent several hours here, enjoying the sun and the calm waters. I was lucky enough to have a pod of dolphins swim 10 metres offshore too, more than once. Add this one to your list and make sure you visit it!

Thistle Cove

Another less popular beach (hellfire and lucky bay seem to be the favourites). I’ve been here twice, both times I’ve had it all to myself. From the car park, you will have a short walk down a granite dome and be greeted with an amazing coastline.

Wharton Beach

I don’t know if this would come under an Esperance beach or Cape Le Grand Beach, but I’m going to chuck it on this list! Amazing, simply amazing. I spent a whole day here, exploring this coastline. On one side of the beach, you have a beautiful granite/rocky coastline, which makes for great pictures and exploring. On the other side is a long stretch of white sand beach. Yes, you can drive on this beach if you have a 4WD. This beach is the furthest away from Esperance (roughly 1 hr drive), so if you plan on coming here I would visit in the morning or dedicate a whole day!

Frenchman Peak

This is not a beach, however, if you go to Cape Le Grand, you should definitely do this hike! It’s a grade 5, 3km return hike to the summit. It took me roughly 20 mins to make it to the top, however, I’d give yourself 1-2hrs return. This hike is a grade 5 because it requires a bit of scrambling over a granite dome. It is steep in some places and isn’t recommended to complete after rainfall. The rocks would be extremely slippery and dangerous. There are 3 points of interest at the top, 2 caves and the summit. The first cave you will stumble upon right after the granite dome climb. The second cave is a little further up from the first. It is massive and home to plenty of wildlife. The cave has a huge opening that gives amazing views of the coastline. To summit Frenchman Peak, you will have to climb on some more rocks. You will be rewarded with some amazing views. Don’t worry about the bees that inhabit this dome, they are native and don’t sting!

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