10 Most Instagrammable Spots in WA

These are THE spots I recommend you visit not only to up your instagram game but to experience some truly amazing natural wonders! Each of the places listed have it’s own unique features.

Beehive Dome, Purnululu National Park

If you’ve seen my instagram you would be able to tell that I am obsessed with this place and that there are plenty of photo opportunities! I’ve listed a few tips, but trust me there are many other spots. You will just have to go and search for them yourself!

There are three photo opportunities on the road heading to the Beehive domes, Piccaninny carpark.
– The first one is at the pull over area just after Elephant rock. This is where you will get the ‘walking towards’ the domes shot.
– The Second you will easily be able to spot, where the road comes close to the domes. If you pull over here, make sure you don’t block traffic or park on the vegetation. This spot is great for those portrait shots.
– The third is on the way out from Piccaninny Carpark, look out for the street sign shown in the photos below.

For more information about Purnululu National Park, check out my guide here.

Coral Bay/Exmouth: Beaches

SOOO many beaches to get some awesome photos at along this coastline. I highly recommend bringing the gopro and dome (if you have one), and using the flat, crystal clear waters to take some split dome photos. You will also capture a lot of wildlife here! Make sure to whip out the drone too.

– If you want the beaches to yourself, make sure you go early in the morning when the crowds are the quietest.
– Look out for low tide in coral bay, this will give you really nice drone shots of the coral.

Looking for the Ultimate Perth to Exmouth road trip? Your can check out my 3 week itinerary here.

Hutt Lagoon

I mean….look at it? Do I need to say much more?

– The Pink Lake viewpoint car park is a great place to get some pictures. Even better is the road (Port Gregory Road), which leads to this car park. This road goes right along the lake and is a great place to pop the drone up, to capture some driving pictures. You can also park along side of the road, just don’t block traffic.
– If you travel past this car park, when you reach the bend there is a small 4WD track you can take to get your car closer to the pink lake. Do this at your own risk, I’m not too sure what the terrain is like.

Lake Argyle, Infinity Pool

It was voted best Infinity pool in WA for a reason. I LOVE the view from this pool, and I LOVE the vibe of the caravan park where its located. What I don’t love is how bloody cold this pool is. I got in twice, once for normal photos and once for sunset photos, it was freezing but I definitely don’t regret it as I captured some great pictures. Just beware, you have been warned it may be the best infinity pool in WA however it is definitely the coldest.

El Questro

A must visit in the North West. Here you will be treated with amazing gorges, waterfalls, hot springs and magical scenery. This was one of the most photogenic places I’ve been in WA, as well as one of the places where there is plenty to do. If you want more information on a north west trip click here.

Esperance/Cape Le Grand

When you hear people talk about amazing Australian beaches…this is what they are referring too. White sand, crystal clear waters, amazing coastlines, what more could you ask for?! Make sure to whip out the drone for this one.

Want to know what beaches I recommend you visit? You can check out my guide to the Cape Le Grand here and my guide to Esperance here.

Hamersley Gorge, Karijini National Park

Wouldn’t be a “most instagrammable spots” list without the famous spa pool. This is the main attraction of going to this gorge, but there are so many other good spots to capture some great photos! Look at the contrast of the water and the gorges and the texture of the gorge walls, amazing!

For more information about Karijini National Park, check out my guide here.

Francois Peron National Park

This is where you will find red/orange cliffs meeting the sea, A LOT closer to Perth. If you want to see the famous ones look below. This national park has some really nice beaches, and great drone opportunities too.

James Price Point

This is where you will find the famous red cliffs of WA. This is a great place to fly your drone and capture some unique shots. It also has great camping and beaches! Make sure you go exploring.

Kalbarri National Park

This National Park has so much to offer, Gorges, beaches, waterfalls (in season), rivers. Truely a photographers dream.

– Visit the park early to avoid crowds.

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